About Us

Company Background & History

Whiston Glass Ltd was founded in 1990 as a family run business, with care, accountability and integrity as their core values which still remain today. The business began on Dragon Lane in Whiston supplying replacement glazing to both domestic and trade customers with the business having three generations of expert glazers. Today, we run a commercial unit with industry-standard technology to control our customers’ orders from the very beginning through to their eventual installation. We pride ourselves on our excellent products and first-rate customer service. The product range we offer is quality at its finest including glass from the market leading suppliers such as Pilkingtons or Saint Gobain.

Why Choose Whiston Glass Ltd ?

IMG_0076Whiston Glass Ltd have been a successful company for over 25 years, with most of our work is by recommendation.  With our wealth of experience and passion for excellent customer care has earned us a portfolio brimming with word of mouth recommendations and repeat business from satisfied customers. When you book a design consultation it will be one of the family team who will visit you to discuss and design your requirements to the finest of detail. When our team visit they will provide a personal and knowledgeable approach, arming you with the right information to make a decision  for you.



Q. I have a pattern and coloured glass in my other windows, will you still be able to match it up?
A. Yes, we can come out and have a look at the pattern and colours in your current windows and match this up in the replacement. However depending on the age of the windows, some patterns are now obsolete but we always try our best to source the pattern needed. What you must remember though is that your glass is exposed to natural sunlight on a daily basis thus it will have changed colour slightly due to this. We cannot force the ageing process on the replacement glass, thus at first the colours in the new unit may be slightly stronger until they are exposed to this natural light too.
Q. How long will it take to complete the job?
A. Every job is different! New properties are generally easier and quicker than older properties and it very much depends on what and how many units are being installed or repaired. Usually a house full of windows can take a maximum of 2 days to install but please speak to us at the time of ordering for a more precise estimate of timescales.
Q. What causes misty windows?
A. Double glazed windows are excellent for energy efficiency, however due to age and wear and tear, the seals can eventually break resulting in unsightly steamy/misty/foggy windows. The broken or worn out seal has simply allowed moisture to seep in between the two layers  of glass. The simplest and cheapest way to resolve this is to replace the glass in the window with a new double glazed unit.
Q. Is replacing the glass worthwhile or should I just purchase new windows?
A. This all depends on the age and state of the current frames and the type of window. For example a bay window costs a lot of money and risk as building work is required when replacing this window. Thus replacing the glass would cost a fraction of the amount and is less risky. If the window is in good condition then replacing the glass is definitely worthwhile and will give you many more years out of your windows. Imagine if your car clutch was faulty, you would not buy a whole new car if the condition of the current one was ok. The concept for windows is just the same. However if you give us a call, we will come out and advise you on the best solution to your problem.
Q. I was told by another firm that they could suck out all the wet air in the window and then plug the gap. Do you offer this service too?
A. It is true that some firms can offer this service, but it is only effective on Double Glazed Units that are barely misting up. Anything worse and this procedure will not work. We do not offer this service simply due to the fact that there are very few people who can actually benefit from having this done.


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